Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Road Trip to Ipoh 1

It takes 2 weeks to recuperate from a roadtrip with 6 kids. I can finally settle down to blog about our adventures in Ipoh.
The trip was for the kids, learning on the go. How much they actually learnt, I don't really know but they certainly gelled with Shannon's 2 girls - En and Hui.
Here's Hui taking over the driver role from her mother.

That's me in the back seat with the easy task of handling the baby.

Shannon was the master planner and driver. I salute her for having the ability to drive with a crying baby, yelling hyper kids and unfamiliar roads.

The kids were great through out the journey.

Wai Leng's mom was kind enough to house us for a week. She was a great host, insisting on taking us for breakfast - wantan mee or chee cheong fun??
After each outing, she would lament..."I don't know how you do it!!" We must have caused her unnecessary stress with our wild unschooled kids.

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