Sunday, December 6, 2009

Road Trip - Ipoh 2010

Here's the plan. 2 mothers and 6 kids on the road for 5 days to experience the sights and sounds of the people that we meet and the places that we would be visiting.

Shannon has planned out the itinerary. She would be doing all of the driving as not only is my driving rather rusty, I can't imagine driving with 6 active kids in the car. Shannon has nerves of steel and super concentration.

Mon – travel and relax.

Tue – tambun Cave RM5 entrance fees. 9am to 4pm. 3km from ipoh near tambun. Ochre drawing on cave wall. Limestone cliff depict life of prehistoric man. Degong fish drawing. Then, Tambun Hotspring

Wed -Geological Musuem@ Lorong Hariman. (opening hours mon to fri 8am to 415pm)
Briefly, exhibition of tin ore, collection of fossils and precious stones, over 600 samples of mineral.

Thur – Perak Darul Ridzuan Musuem (opening hours sat to thur 9am to 5pm )

Friday –Undecided. Leave for KL at night. If something pops up, we leave on Sat am.. so we can have family weekend in KL.
On Mon/ Wed/Thur – If we feel bored and have time, we include Sam Po Tong and Perak Tong Temples.

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