Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ipoh - 3rd Day

We had breakfast at the Japanese Garden next to the race tracks. Parking was free. The garden was small. I didn't see anything japanese there besides the japanese cars that were whizzing by and our breakfast bought from the japanese owned Jusco the day before.
Fai wanted to poo and there wasn't a toilet in sight. I thought of crossing the road to the hospital but the fast cars changed my mind. Pooing on a plastic bag was suggested. Fortunately Fai said he didn't need to go after a while, so that was a relief. We fled that place after the mosquitoes detected us.

Next stop, Lost World of Tambun.

Feeding the animals was great fun for the kids.

Handsome the macaque

Catching up with Marine and Nigel. Katrina caught the flu bug and had to stay home.

Handsome doing a bit of stretching for a sunflower seed.
Fai purposely threw it out of reach.

Ean spent most of the afternoon wading in this shallow longkang

The tigers understood english.
When the tigers did not follow orders, the keeper shouted " I AM SPEAKING SIMPLE ENGLISH!!!" maybe he should switch to tiger-ish

Jianyi went on the water slides with Fai. Marine joined them later. She ran off leaving Nigel, her wallet and handphone behind.
After sending Shannon and her girls back to Tmn Canning, I headed for Marine's place and then to 1919 for dinner. The food there was simply the BEST I have tasted in Ipoh. I would definitely go there again. Thank you Sian for taking us there

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