Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ipoh - 1st day Monday,11 January 2010

It was a lovely day to travel. Blue sky with puffy white clouds. Shannon and Kent exchange cars at a McD in Kepong. We were late as Kent had to make a stop at the hardware shop. After loading Shannon's luggage into the car, we were off for our first roadtrip.
The N-S highway was clear.

First stop was Bidor for lunch. We had the expected fare of wantan mee. I don't know why people make it a point to stop here. The wantan mee was rather disappointing.
I bought a bag of red jambu air and seedless jambu. Fai's favourites.

After a locating for WL's house and unloading the car, we set off for Kek Lok Tong with WL's mother. It was fortunate we had her with us as this Tong was located within a housing estate with lots of twists and turns.
As soon as we got out from the car, Fai discovered that there was an echo when he shouted. That started a round of shouting from the rest. The grounds around Kek Lok Tong was very well maintained with a koi pond, turtle pond and a nice garden. The air was clean and refreshing.

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