Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ipoh - Day 4

Jianyi and Eu Fai were too exhausted from climbing the steps up the water slide 20x in the Lost World of Tambun, so they spent the day with Marine.

Next stop, Tambun cave to see the historical cave paintings. We parked the car at a Caltex station and had to walk down a road.

We came to gate. It was locked. Undeterred we climbed over the gate.

Walked across a field.

At the end of the field was another gate, also locked. We were certainly unwelcomed guests. We looked around and spotted a few men working the stables, so we walked over to them and started barraging them with questions..How far in? Is it safe? Why was the gate closed? Did anyone pass through today?
We were the 1st visitors of the day. The steps were steep and definitely not for little kids.
The path leading to the caves didn't look friendly and Han kept saying he wanted to go back, so we turned back.

The horses in the stable were polo horses.
They were well-groomed. Beautiful creatures!
I would certainly give this place another try. Gua tambun seems like a must-see before erosion destroys the paintings.
What's next? What else...more caves.
This time Sam Poh Tong.
Dusty, musty cave and a
murky pond. The place was rundown.

We met up with
Marine, Jianyi and Fai at DR park. Big shady trees and play equipments that are similar to the ones at Lake Gardens. The drizzle didn't give us the chance to roam around. We loaded the kids into the car and asked Marine to recommend a shopping mall with a playground...and she said..IKEA! Haha! Just 2 hours away.
Just as we decided to go to Jusco, the drizzle stopped, so ...

We headed for Riverfront park.
What a mistake!
Do NOT go to this place unless you are fine with your child swimming with frogs and plastic bags.

How many millions was spent on this place?? What a waste!!

This being our last night in Ipoh, we let the kids monkey around.
Shannon had printed out some mazes from

En, Fai and Jianyi enjoyed the challenge. When Fai ran out of mazes to do, he took a blank piece of paper and created his own maze.

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noelbynature said...

a pity you didn't manage to catch the paintings at Gua Tambun, but yes, the way there can be quite daunting if you're not prepared for the short hike, and then the steep climb (up stairs, though). You can check out some of the rock art at Gua Tambun here: