Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ipoh - 1st day Part 2

Still at Kek Lok Tong

Eu Fai saying " Hear that... echo!!!!"

a great big stalactite formation.

The cave was calming. I felt at peace.
There were no garish looking statues to spoil the natural beauty of the limestone cave.
At the other end of the cave there is a view of a muddy looking pond and a few limestone hills. Perhaps there is a spectacular sunrise/set because there were benches arranged at an angle for spectators to admire something. i didn't get to see anything worth seating down for and since no one was occupying the seats, I guess I was there at the wrong time.

Just before exiting the cave, we stretched our neck muscles to look at the birds (swiftlets?) flying into the cave.
Anyone can tell me why there are holes in the roof of the cave. I googled and found out the holes are called bell holes. They were indeed bell shaped.

After that we headed for Polo Ground. It was a very well-tended park with a nice grassy field fringed with trees.
The kids headed straight for the playground. We met up withMarine and Katrina.

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