Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ipoh - 2nd Day 12th January 2020

The Geological Museum was closed for renovation.
So we headed for Darul Ridzuan Museum.

The museum was housed in a mansion of a rich chinese miner. No information was given about this person.
The interior of the museum seemed newly renovated.
There were exhibits about tin mining, wood industry and wildlife in Perak.

The kids had fun playing with the pebbles at the base of a tongkat ali stump. Here is Han trying to roll a pebble down the side.

Shannon with her trusty map of Ipoh.

Playing with the displays. Ean got to handle bakau - wood that is used to make charcoal. The girls were fascinated with this weighing device.

Fai got to spend a lot of time with Zhang En. He drew this picture of two of them getting married. He was very proud of his drawing.
On the trip back from Ipoh, he started calling En - Leong Zhang En. After 5 days, they have become very close.

We headed for Klebang to meet up with Kisyah's family. It was a lovely home. It inspired Jianyi to funish one of the rooms in PD with 2 bunk beds and to turn another room into a study. Fai and Han were glued to the tv - Ben10 marathon!!

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