Saturday, January 30, 2010

A blue ball with a smiley face

Ean has been asking for a "ball-ball". Whenever he spots balls hanging on display, he would point and say "ball! ball!". We were back in PD on for the long Thaipusm-FT day weekend and when we stopped to look at a bicycle for sale, he led Kent to the rubber balls hanging outside a sundry shop and insisted that he get one.

This one year old has great communication skills.

Here's Ean with his blue ball. He could dribble and throw the ball around the garden. He would squeal in delight as he chased it around.

The next day, Fai and Han tried to submerge the ball underwater and they had a hard time doing it. Each time they tried, the ball would rocket out from under their hands with a big swoosh! What physics principle is being applied here? Someone please tell me!!

Success at last.

Now the ball has become Han's egg.

Han says he has laid an egg and is incubating it!

When the ball bounces out of the tub, Han would yell, " My egg! My egg!"

On FT Day, I took the 3 boys down to the beach and we took the blue ball with us. The beach slopes down to the shoreline and before you can say " Get that ball!", Ean's blue ball was swept away by the waves. Fai started crying as he saw the ball bobbing further and further away from the shore. Ean kept pointing at the ball and saying "ball-ball, ball-ball"

Bye Smiley Blue Ball! We hope a kid as much fun with you as we did.

On the way back from PD, Fai said he has an idea! He couldn't wait to get back home. The moment he reached Jln Carey, he raced to the playroom and came out with his creation...

Fai with his replica of Ean's blue ball. Made from plastic wrap, paper and lots of masking tap. He drew a smiley face and coloured it blue with crayons.

He also drew a potrait of opposites

Ean sad

Ean happy

surrounded by Blue smiley balls falling from the sky

As soon as Ean got up from his nap, Fai presented him with his blue ball. unfortunately, Ean had difficulty accepting the replica as a substitute for his beloved blue ball.

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