Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Passion is....

At 11pm. After a long day. Jianyi starts on her 1st 'serious' cake

Edible dusts from CakeConnection at Jaya1 and wires from Ikano (with lots of help from Shannon who shuttled us around. Thanks Shannon) Jianyi was ready to start on her sugarpaste flowers. Finally!

It was late by the time we got back home but Jianyi was eager to get started on her first 'classic' cake. I guess that's what passion is....

When time no longer matters
Putting your heart into it
When perfection is non-negotiable
Finding joy in what you do
When marks and grades matters not
Impatience when held back (we scouted for days for the materials)
Pride in her art work
Satisfaction while working
Happiness all the time

This is the end result......... a beautifully decorated cake for Jianyi's greatgrandmother's 87th birthday.
Kent and Jianyi took turns carrying the cake that weighed at least 10kg all the way from 1Utama carpark to Shogun....up the escalators and dodging the weekend/CNY shopping madness.

Jianyi with Tai-Mak, Pohpoh, Aunty Meng, Aunty Ann and Aunty Julie

Jianyi and uncle Weng Hwa.
Thank you for believing in Jianyi and encouraging her (and the oven too :)

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