Thursday, December 29, 2011

Taman Warisan Pertanian - Explorasi Pokok Kelapa @Putrajaya

Off we go for a guided walk through the agricultural park

Zul, our tour guide explaining that the jambu air tree was pruned in such a way to minimize fruiting and maximize fruit quality

I learnt how to differentiate between a cempedak and nangka tree.
Cempedak leaves are hairy

Nangka has smooth leaves

Serai wangi used to ward off mosquitoes

Boys playing soldiers.

They were planning an ambush, waiting for the enemy to emerge from the drain

Zul thumping a nangka fruit - if its gives off a hollow sound, it's ripe.
We were also told that the nangka is the largest fruit in the world and it is the national fruit of Bangladesh.

Harvesting paddy

That whole patch would be able to produce just one bowl of rice!

Sniffing fragant pomelo flowers

Coffee beans

Coconut Workshop
From left(clockwise): lidi broom, coconut fruit, coconut leaves and ketupat

Showing how the 'lidi' broom is made.
First remove the blades of the leaves

The midrib

Tie many midribs together to get a very useful household cleaning device - for washing floors, sweeping leaves and removing cobwebs

Scrapping coconut

Doing it the tradional way.

Fai at work

The 3 coordinators were clearly impressed by this little girl - quizzing her about her schooling and her command of the Arabic language

A rubber tree and its milky white sap

Rubber tapping demonstration

Latex in water

Removing water

Pressing out more water. The sheet is put through the rollers 3x

Drying out the sheets

Taking a peek inside the smoky and hot smokehouse

Rice husker

Paddy farmer

JY's ketupat

Ean unravelling JY's ketupat as I enjoyed my lunch of rice and ayam goreng berempah at the foodcourt

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