Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Natural History Museum @Putrajaya

I had a difficult time locating this museum. Why must there be two Precinct 15s in Putrajaya?
After driving around in circles in the wrong part of Precinct 15 and a few frantic calls to the museum to ask for directions, I finally made it there.

Parking was easy enough. 4 vacant lots awaited us beside the building. The exterior of the museum was made up of lovely exposed red bricks . Looked promising from the outside.

The Mystery of the Crocodiles exhibit was on the 1st floor. It was rather disappointing with a few stuffed crocodiles. The boys were more interested in the BBC documentary being shown on hippopotamuses

The kids went Wow! when they saw the Bryde's whale skeleton

This elephant skull was interesting. If you peek at its lower and upper jaw, you can see its huge teeth.


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