Thursday, December 22, 2011

Discover @ Zoo Negara Part1

Our fnal zoo trip for the year.
A programme created just for us by Edwina, the zoo education officer.

There were 3 stations set up in the Education Centre.
Station 1 : Treasure Hunt
Each child was given a questionnaire and a pack of animal skulls and footprints cutouts to paste. Hints to the questions were pasted on the wall

Station 2: Pinata
The children had to blow up balloons, secure the balloon onto a string and paste newspapaer all over it.

Station 3: Nasi Lemak

Grab a handful of rice and fruit mixture and place onto a piece of banana leaf

The rice mixture is then wrapped in the banana leaf and secured with a natural string cut out from the midrib of the banana leaf

Sliced papaya and banana


Packets of 'nasi lemak' ready for the elephants

Papier Mache activity

Dipping torn bits of newspaper into a gluey paste made from flour and hot water

Edwina discussing treasure hunt questions with Han and Ean.
3 years old Ean could correctly identify the giraffe's skull

Ean's completed worksheet.
We were supposed to run around the zoo looking for the answers but the boys decided to complete it in the comfort of an air-conditioned eatery over lunch.

Fai completing his balloon.


The kids received lots of help from the Zoo Negara volunteers and staff

Ean proudly showing off his packet of nasi lemak for the elephants

In 2 hours, we had a box and a bag full of elephant treats.

Pinatas in a row
Once dried, they will be filled with seeds and nuts and given to the primates.

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