Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Harvesting @ Melaka

Spot the boys.

First harvest of the day, millipedes

I wandered off to the bananas and left the boys to themselves, leaving Fai in charge.

Kongkong had been harvesting since 8am and was now cutting the bananas into combs.

Packing the bananas

Pesticide free okra

JY at work picking out the fat, long ones.

I went to check on the boys as they were rather quiet. I expected Ean to start looking for me after 5 minutes.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were not only contented where they were but they had also set up a harvesting system.
Fai and Ean would scout around for ripe pumpkins.

Then hand them to Han

Han would pile the pumpkins up

And brush away mud and dirt

JY's okra

The boys' pile of pumpkins. They kept asking me how much they earned that day.
Han is tending to his millipedes.

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