Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Discovery @ Zoo Negara - Part2

Ean: Where is this from? Did the elephant die?
Edwina: This elephant was goring the other elephants in the enclosure, so his tusks were sawn off. However, it eventually grew back.
JY: So poachers don't have to kill elephants to get their tusks?
Edwina: Well they do it because it is easier than sedating the animal

Ean (giving the zookeeper accusing looks) : Why did they kill them?

Zookeeper (smiling): We didn't kill them. They died naturally

Orang Utan's fur


Beautiful feathers

Facts, feather and egg of the ostrich.

This feather's taller than me!

Ean was introduced to blue Macaws in the animated movie Rio.
He ran around the room going "Blu"

Han examining the 2m long cobra skeleton

The orang utan is this big!

Board game

Animal footprints.
There was a basket of animal paw prints casted in plaster as well

We then proceeded to the elephants for the final part of the programme - feeding the elephants with packets of nasi lemak we prepared earlier

The elephants were ushered into the pool before the education officers were allowed to wander around the enclosure

hiding the nasi lemak


The moment the curators left the enclosure, the elephants trooped out of the pool in search of their nasi lemak treat

Here's one!

There ought to be another one of those in here somewhere...

I smell one up here!

Munch, munch...

Spot 2 green paddy frogs
As always we ended our day at the zoo by the frog pool

My favourite spot at the zoo to unwind after spending hours walking around.

Letting the little fishes nibble their fingers

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