Monday, December 12, 2011

Fraser's Hill

Our first time up in Fraser's Hill.
Landscaping in the parks and along the roads were beautifully done.

Impatiens were growing everywhere in a variety of colours.

Quaint police station

We drove around and admired the lovely stone houses and gorgeous gardens

We were at a nursery to get some plants when the boys spotted a caterpillar in a drain.
They noticed that it was trying unsuccessfully climb out of the drain. So they decided to rescue it.

Close up of the caterpiller.

Fish feeding at Allan's Water

Tilapia, catfish and carp

The girls decided they wanted to go boating

Waiting their turn

It was a nice family get-together.

Pohpoh and Kongkong celebrated their wedding anniversary
JY got to play Screaming Scrabble with her uncle.
TaiMak was entertained by the antics of her 3 greatgrandsons

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