Thursday, May 5, 2011

Petrosains 3rdMay2011

We were in Petrosains in search of Earth Day activities...
The Dark ride that takes us up to the science exhibits gave the kids quite a thrill, as usual.
A volunteer showed that air occupies space.

When the kids ran off to the next exhibit, she pointed out this little known fact, the position of the snake's heart is effected by gravity. Researchers certainly find out the most extraordinary things....
This is a nice one. Place a paper on the pad than watch as the pencil swivels around to make spiral designs. It says that swirly designs occurs all the time in nature - flower petals, shells, whirlpool, a school of fish, waves....
The boys went "Just like Predator!!!"
Take a piece of paper, show that it is blue -no heat. Then blow at it and see the piece of paper slowly glow red. Wonderful!
3 year old's heart rate.
Ean had a ball playing with this.
He was rather possessive of the balls and refused to let anyone else have a go at this. For the first 30 minutes or so, he let the balls go midway on the slope. The balls would roll of the loop as it lacked momentum to complete the loop.
He would pick the balls up, guide it along the loop, as if teaching the balls that it was supposed to go round the loop. He did this repeatedly.
Eventually he went higher up the slope - not all the way up though but he successfully found a spot that enables the balls to pick up enough speed to go loop the loop.
He was one happy, satisfied boy :)
Han could only watch as he didn't make the height requirement as his brother and sister slid down the 'sleeping bag' slide

Nice setup of a hydrogen cell but when asked to explain, the demonstrator faltered and had to refer to his computer.
I was rather disappointed.
He insisted that the battery does not give out electricity and that the battery was the one that separated the Hydrogen and Oxygen from water. No electricity required. Errr.....
We failed to find any Earth Day activities. Where, oh, where....

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