Wednesday, May 4, 2011

National Art Gallery 3May2011

A beautiful kolam greeted us as we stepped foot into the National Art Gallery.
We walked up to the 3rd floor using a spiral walkway.
Strolled passed an interesting art piece made entirely out of brushes - the type used to scrub toilets
Mother and Child viewing photos of mothers and their children.
I was there with a group of homeschoolers. This trip was organised by one of them and we had the curator leading the way.
Fai viewing the art on display
One of my favourites.
Mare and foal made out of pieces of metal welded together. I would have preferred an animal native to Malaysia - kerbau and anak, perhaps?
Photo composition of victims of war.
Fai and Han wanted me to read out the caption written under each photo.
This piece of art looked half-done. I couldn't quite get it but Fai spent quite some time examining it.
Drawing time!
The kids were told to draw a 'mom and me' portrait
Ean drew a sword and entitled his drawing 'Weapon'
Fai drawing out his Mother dragon and two baby dragons.
The curator was fascinated with his drawing. He got a lot of attention that day.
He was not satisfied with his drawing and didn't want to hand up an incomplete piece when asked to submit his.
Fai asked for more time.
Han drew a knight.
JY drew a Mad Hatter Mummy and her mummy forgot to take a photo of it. Never mind JY says, it will be displayed for public viewing soon.
The curator told us that their drawings will be displayed during the grand opening on 10thMay. Fai was very excited about this and asked the curator what floor it would be on.

Running down to the foyer.
We were given notebooks as a parting gift.

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