Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stick, Stones, Broken Bones @PJLA 10thMay2011

It was dark when we walked in.
Arian went pale and said "I want to go home to Mummy now" "Get her a ticket so that she can come in to watch too" "I want mummy to come now"
His eyes turned red, he became fidgety and nothing I said could pacify him.
Thinking that hearing his mummy's voice would help, I rang up his mom, told her the situation and passed the phone to Arian.
It didn't help much.....he started sobbing!
His mom told me "Arian is an auditory learner, the eerie music in the dark, might have unnerved him. Just try to calm him down."
Me: "Arian, the show lasts just a while and mom will be here to get you soon after"
A: Sob! Sob!
Me (Wrong technique!!! Don't mention his mom!)
Me( Must find a way to distract him. Think! Think!)
Me: Remember how much we enjoyed the short preview last week, isn't it exciting that we can watch the full performance now"
Me: Look what they have on stage. What do you think will happen later? Remember how Mr Bunk made the puppet dance..
A: Sob!
*The lights went out*

Fortunately, 2 minutes into the show, Arian was laughing with the rest of us.
Fai was a great help. Pointing out the funny parts to Arian and laughing extra loud to cheer his friend up.
The performance put up by Mr Bunk was hilarious. The kids were roaring with laughter. Mr Bunk who hails from Montreal was marvelously creative with his puppets and props.

In his 'puppet yoga' sketch, he used both his feet and hands to portray 2 chess players, he strapped on a gadget that looked like something from a sci-fi movie that enabled him to blow into tubes to control the puppets' tongues and he did the whole scene while lying on his back. Phew! what a workout he must have had.

My favourite part must be the one where he did shadow boxing with a 'volunteer'. I love it when he told the 'volunteer' who kept looking at Mr Bunk instead of the shadow puppet on the screen "He is NOTHING!! Do not look at him, Look at MEEE!"

Mr Bunk was so in his element that he breathed life into his shadows. Shadows became alive.

I have said it once in a previous post, but I will say it again, Mr Bunk is sheer genius.

Do go and watch him perform. Your kids will be enthralled by his shadows. Tickets for the Saturday's performance, 14thMay are going for RM120 for 4pax. Hurry!

After the show, we were stopped by a reporter who wanted to find out how young viewers found the show . I guess we were prime candidates as we had 7 kids altogether.
We will be featured in the June issue of Bravo, PJLA's newletter.

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