Friday, September 24, 2010

When the kids slept at 2am **yaWn**

The two elder kids were tinkering at the laptop downstairs.
I kept the younger two occupied by putting up a tent with a bedsheet.
Ean wanted a door, so Han Korkor helped by securing one end of a blanket to a drawer and draping the other end over the 'tent'.
Seeing that they were in their own world, I left the room for a bath.

I came back to see Han singing nursery rhymes from a book to Ean. It was such a heartwarming sight.

After a while the bigger kids barged into the room brimming with excitement. JY proudly showed off Fai's work of art using "Paint'.

Han wanted to try it out.
Here he is in full concentration.

The resulting work of art by Han.

They took turns at the laptop. Except for Ean who would rather have humans as a source of entertainment.
They were at it until 2am.

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