Sunday, September 5, 2010

Batu Caves, 5 Sept 2010

This my first time up Batu Caves. The 272 steps up needs a well-fuelled body, so I searched the food blogs for good food around the area. One restaurant came up. Pan Heong.
The food bloggers raved about its porridge and kau yoke beehoon. A must-try they all said. So I took note of its location, woke everyone up and took off for Batu Caves.
We passed Brickfields and saw the newly erected arches on both sides of the road. Must be a grand gala this Deepavali.
Kent was taken by surprise by the new highway in Batu Caves. He was lost for once. We had to make a few U-turns before finding Pan Heong.
The place was crowded. I spotted an empty table and made myself comfortable.
I was asked if I had a queue number.
Queue number???!
We were shooed to the front of the shop and told to give our particulars to the usher! There was big red sign that warned patrons that on sundays and public holidays, queue numbers will be given out.
Food must be good.
Our surname and group size was jotted down. Then we waited and waited. We waited for about an hour.
The frog porridge was good. Ean loved the froggie legs. The bee hoon was tasty. But Kent and JY said Yong Taufu in Peel Road is still the best Sunday breakfast.
And I have had it with food blogs. 2 places - Nambawan and Pan Heong - both crowded, long wait before food is served and food that is good but can give a miss.
Kent remarked that food bloggers have no tastebuds whatsoever and that the places he takes me to are still the best.
I won't be blogging about those places because I have noticed the correlation between blogged about places and crowds.

It was a cool, cloudy Sunday morning. Nice for a day out.

The climb up the steps reminded me of Mount Kinabalu. The feeling of breathlessness, constricting pain in my chest and numbing pain in my thighs made me renew my vow - never again will I scale Mount Kinabalu.

I didn't do my homework and couldn't tell the stories behind the dieties that we saw.

Lots of long tailed macaque on the look out for food. They grab and go. So watch out for your valuables.

After the long trek up 272 steps another fleet of steps takes you to a sun-lit cavern.

Nice place for photography. Can play around with light and angles.

Han didn't want to leave. Fai was disappointed he didn't get to see any troglodytes. Looks like I will need to make another trip to Batu Caves again.

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