Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A lazy Sunday afternoon in PD 26 Sept 2010

Millipede hunting.
Millipedes were abundant when the house was overgrown with weeds. Once we started clearing the garden, their population dwindled and the boys had given up looking for them.
Looking in the drain and under the plants, the boys were surprised to find quite a number of them that afternoon.
The millipede gives off foul smelling hydrogen cyanide when stepped on (it was an accident, I promise!)
The boys' hideout

Kent's hideout

Ean was busy perfecting his motor skills by transfering pebbles and pouring them out repeatedly
I dried an ear of corn and somehow it was left to sprout on a pile of construction sand. Han was the first to spot the sprouts and came running while shouting "Jagung is growing! Jagung is growing!"
Our corn was stunted when we planted them too close together a few years back, so this time I spaced them out.

The boys scooping up tadpoles in the sump pit.

Fai caught this grasshopper. He pointed out the claws at the end of its legs.

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