Saturday, September 4, 2010


With 4 kids in tow with varying food preferences, dining out can be a frustrating experience. I have become a little wiser lately and will now decide where I want to go for food and not give in to their protests.

"But I am not hungry!! I don't want to eat!!" is usually heard when I say I want to stop for food. My usual reply will be " You don't have to eat, just keep me company. Mummy is starving." But the moment food is served, they will usually scoff down whatever that is placed in front of them. Oh well...

I have been viewing food blogs lately. Especially looking out for eateries in PJ area. Although I have been in PJ for the past 4 years, I have yet to find anything particularly good.

Nambawan in Taman Sri Manja was mentioned in a few such blogs. Since it was pretty near and Mer was around, we headed for this place.

The menu. The pork burger at RM6.90 was value for money. The patty was tasty and succulent. The fries on the side didn't look too good but the boys wolfed them down. They were starved by the time the food arrived.
- food came very slowly. We had to wait at least 30minutes for the drinks to be served.

Han couldn't get enough of their carbonara (RM8.90) It came with crispy bacon chips.

I didn't get the chance to take a photo of their sausages. Jianyi says they were delicious and worthy of a second visit. I must remind myself to bring some books to while the time away.

For Kent and I, nothing beats going back to Cheras for a bite.

This is my favourite CharKweiTiau stall in Taman Midah. Fried by this auntie on the left. When her son is left to tend to the wok, I will head for the chicken rice stall at the market. Photos next time.

After Sun Moulin(KLCC) , this stall has the next best doughnuts. Situated next to the CharKweiTiau stall, it offers an assortment of deep fried goodies.

But nothing beats simple homecooked food...especially something you have caught or grown yourself.
The sweet, firm flesh of a freshly caught crab can never be bought.

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