Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My boys enjoy using all available furniture, cushion, basket, push car...anything to build forts.

They would push and drag the rosewood chairs together, jump on the table and proclaim it as their pirate ship.

Set the scene, set the mood.

I feel that the boys have an innate need to create shelters. Lately they have built in a bed of cushions for the 'baby' to lie on. They take pride in being able to take care of Ean.

They would then hunt and gather food and fend off invading enemies.

My living room is always in a state of utter chaos. I have to restrain myself from forcing them to clear up their 'mess'. Mess to me is a fort/castle/ship/farm to them. It is only when they have moved on to play with something else do I insist that they clear up.

Me: Are you done playing in your ship?

Han: It isn't a ship, its a farm

Me: Are you done playing in your farm, Han?

Han: No

Me: But you have been playing with Lego for the past 2 hour and the farm has been abandoned since you started on Lego

Fai: He is building a tractor for the farm

Me: Oh sorry boys.

Grandma (while 'destroying' the farm): **mutter**no place to sit, never keep things, what will people say when they come to the house **mutter**

They would come running to me with crestfallen faces whenever their grandmother 'destroys' their constructions. And I would have to explain that they have intruded into her space (the praying altar and the tv room between 3-8pm) and they would have to respect her need to keep the area free from toys.

It is tough balancing between respecting my boys' needs and respecting their grandmother's feelings.

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