Monday, September 27, 2010

Kuala Selangor 25 Sept 2010

Hungry after the tree planting in Raja Musa, we headed for some seafood in Bagan Pasir. I have yet to get over my addiction to food blogs, so I had to try out the famed Suang Le restaurant.

Beautiful scenery. It was low tide and a few people could be seen digging for clams by the shore.

This toilet was made famous in a food blog. The boys were fascinated by it. Fai tried to coerce his brother into using it so that he could see pee trickling out from the bottom

Han counting mudskippers.
Lunch was disappointing. I have officially stopped reading food blogs.

After lunch, we met up with a gang of horrifying monkeys.
Look at that evil glint in the mother's eye.
We didn't know they awaited us up on Melawati Hill.

We paid for a tram ride up the hill.
We brought along 3 bags of ground nuts to feed the silver leaf monkeys.

I thought they would be tame, sit down patiently waiting for you to hand out food. I thought 3 packets of groundnuts was plenty and would last a long time.
I was not prepared for a whole troop of monkeys to leap and grab at anything that resembled food.
The moment the boys brought out their packets of ground nuts, it was snatched away!
3 packets of groundnuts lasted a mere 5 seconds.

Next time, I will bring more food.

Grab, grab, grab.

This lady attempted to touch the baby. Its mother was very protective and instantly huddled the baby into her arms.

Nice observation deck. We spotted a few Brahminy Kites.

There was a museum next to the lighthouse. The boys ran around looking at the weapons on display.

On the ride down we skipped the 'Beheading Stone' stop and thought it would be the end of the ride once we reached the base of the hill.
Surprisingly, we made another stop at a 'Pusat Ikan Tawar' - Fresh water fish park. There were a few aquariums with native fresh water fishes.
The Pacu reminded me of Kebun.

Han wanted to get into the enclosure to pick up that egg.

Banyan trees make a nice setting for imaginative play.

A pond full of blooming lotus. Gorgeous eh?

A nice shot by Fai.


Ng Shannon said...

Yu Ling, you need to hide the packet of nuts and take out one at a time. :)

Yu Ling said...

Thanks for the good advice Shannon.