Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Broga Hill 1st Attempt 14 Sept 2010

My boys were great sports, accommodating their half-wit mother by waking up at an ungodly hour. Ean at 5.15am, Han at 5.30am and their dad at 5.45am. Fai only got up when we parked the car at Broga.
K had his mother's temperament at 5.45am, but he was himself again when we got to the top. I shall be better prepared and get earplugs next time.
We parked along the road beside the palm oil plantation. The road into the plantation was barred, the jaga was probably on Hari Raya leave.

Be prepared to hike up 1.7km. It took us about an hour to reach the 1st peak. So if you are planning to catch the sunrise, start hiking at 6am.

We were accompanied by other hikers. A few lone elderly women, family groups and large groups of teenagers. The youngsters were great help along the way, lending a hand to hoist the boys up steep slopes.

Going towards the hill, we walked through an oil palm estate and passed a rubber plantation on the left.

Sign board reminding us to behave and give Mother Nature the respect she deserves.

The laterite path was badly eroded. Ridges such as this were formed which was great for the boys to work on their balance and coordination.

Some kind soul placed planks over deep trenches.

Ean inspecting a big yellow leaf. He was carried most of the time. Made to walk when our arms ached.

We took a breather and examined ants.

The path was smooth, sandy and slippery at certain parts. Trees and roots
were fully utilised to pull ourselves up.

Nearing the peak, jungle trees were replaced by tall lalang.

Fai was so intent on climbing up the hill, he only looked at the path leading up. When I asked him to turn around, this was the expression he gave when he saw the marvellous view.

Steps were carved into the hill slopes. It made going up and down much, much easier.

The trail continued to another peak. We decide to stop at the first peak as grey clouds were looming over the horizon. The thought of rain and muddy slopes made us decide to get down quick.
K said he made an easy target for lightning.
I would definitely go there again.
The climb up was not too strenous and I enjoyed the great view at the top. The wind and temperature drop was very rewarding indeed.
Broga Hill anyone?

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