Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ean's fascination with trains

The only one of my boys who is into trains. After years of transforming robots and kungfu moves, it is a welcome change.
Totally absorbed
He built his own steam works to repair his steam engines
The train at the Army Museum in Port Dickson

Boys looking for the engine's firebox

Ean examining the tracks and the placement of wheels on the rails.
He is always asking what the railway sleepers are for.
Ean would always get his engines to 'couple up'. At the museum he got to see a real coupler.

He now wants to go on a train ride.
While browsing through a Picture Atlas with the boys, Ean's attention was grabbed by the Trans Siberian Railway and he has asked his Papa to purchase tickets from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Ean: I want to go on this train
DH: Ok, sure but how long do you think you can sit in a train
Ean (ignoring the question) : and get a ticket for Joseph and Joshua (his friends)
DH: How about we go to Bangkok by train instead?
Ean, by then, lost interest in his Papa and bounded off to play with his brothers.

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