Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gardenia Factory

While staring dreamily at a loaf of bread one day, JY muttered "I would like to see the cooling tower of bread in Gardenia again"
So with a phone call to Gardenia to set up a date, posting the event up on the homeschooling network's facebook page and getting a few enthusiastic families to join in, we were set!
I had my homeschooling family for company that day.
After watching a video on bread making, we were ushered into the factory with a stern warning "No stepping over the yellow line. Do not touch the glass panels"
*To this day, my boys will repeat "Do not go over the yellow line!" whenever they see a yellow line.
The smell as we stepped inside was heavenly and the huge tower of revolving freshly baked bread was a sight to behold.
Each step of the process was labelled alphabetically and easy to follow through. We watched as huge vats of dough were kneaded, cut and plopped into baking tins before being baked in a huge oven. I couldn't take my eyes off the many loaves of bread as it swirled around the cooling tower.
Cooled bread was then sliced, bagged and tagged mechanically.
Rejected bread is packed in an unlabelled bag separately for donation to Zoo Negara.
Snack time
Waffles and coffee was served. Followed by a Q&A session.

Goodie bag time. Gardenia was really generous giving each and everyone of us a loaf of Butterscotch bread, waffles and kaya. Thank you Gardenia.

For more information on how to organize a factory visit, call Gardenia.

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DinaAbuSamah said...

Hi. May i know what facebook account u post to gather other homeschooler? I would like to get notified too. Home u don't mind sharing. Thx.