Sunday, January 22, 2012

Astrology - what an insight!

The alignment of stars determined by the time, date and place of your birth told me more about myself than anything else. It was comforting knowing that I behave and think the way I do because it was meant to be.
At times I had felt uncomfortable following the social norm and felt strangely cheated when I followed through something that I knew didn't feel right and was forced into.

I am glad I have been following my intuition lately and getting validation felt extremely good.

I have never been into astrology before.
Reading horoscopes was interesting but was more for the lack of reading materials back when books were scarce and the newspaper was the only printed material around.

I was introduced to astrology by a hs mom who had taken a course in it and said that it had helped her 'decipher' her relationship with her kids and hubby. Knowing their charts enabled her to understand their temperament and character and with that in hand, she went on to forging better relationships and building a closer family unit by knowing what to say and how to treat them.
I was intrigued.
At the same time, DH was at a career crossroad and when all logical avenues failed to help, we seek higher help.

From that one reading, it has helped me feel more at ease with myself. And knowing that I could easily achieve my destiny just by following through my gut feelings was inspiring.

In a nutshell, I need to be illogical.
Hubby needs to be back to nature and is multitalented.
And kids in no particular is filial and will look after his parents, one has healing touch, another should go into non-profit organisations and one will travel far and wide and prosper there.

Reading up on the whys and possible personality traits from the Astrology textbook was very interesting. Especially when the events described actually took place. Knowing why the event unfolded as it did was simply mindblowing.

I will be going to hound my astrologer for another look at her books soon.


yayahandmade said...

hi :)

i am a 'beginner' of unschooling my 2 children. hope to make a friend with you.

i am from Ipoh :)

Stick Man said...

Hi! Do join the Malaysian Homeschool Network (MHsN) on fb!/groups/MHsNetwork/

Being in a network of homeschoolers helps tremendously when you are starting out.