Thursday, January 12, 2012

Museum Tentera Darat @ Port Dickson

One of our top spots to take visitors.

During school holidays, booths are set up and an assortment of army vehicles and weapons are put on display. Visitors get to handle firearms under the watchful eye of the army personnel.

Showing the boys how dangerous it can be.

Bomb retrieval robot. Latest model.

Older model

Staircase to underground communist tunnel.

Hanging bridge and lookout tower

The boys got to get inside the humvee. It was so spacious.

Counting bullets.

Being shown how to load the gun.

I can see you!
Binoculars with amazing clarity. Too bad it can't be sold to the public.

Map reading.
The soldier was so willing to share his knowledge.

DH was very preoccupied.

Ean said these were train tracks

The boys discussing the possibility that there is a man hiding inside the camouflage outfit as it moved each time the fan blew in its direction

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