Friday, February 24, 2012

Mangrove tree planting @ Sepang

Recycling paper

The kids tore newspaper into tiny pieces which were then soaked in water and blended into pulp.
The pulp was then drained on a fine wire mesh, sponged dry and left to dry out further in the sun.

After some video animation on environmentally friendly practices such as plastic bags in the sea would be detrimental to marine life, the kids got to plant mangrove pods into poly bags.
Fai refused to participate, saying that he has done this on his own in Port Dickson.

We had to pay for the programme and on the ride home, JY wryly commented "It is not worth the money. We could have easily Googled all the steps for recycling newspaper and done it at home"

So back home, I did some reflection .....
This trip didn't go too well because
1. we had been overscheduled - the car boot was still packed to the brim with stuff from Ipoh.
2. the kids' playground is at the mangrove tree by the beach and mangrove trees, roots, pods and all is something they encounter on a regular basis. With some coaching, Fai could have led the programme.

So this trip made me to resolve to cut back on travelling and to instead fully utilise what I already have in my backyard.

I Googled and found this website by WWF on mangrove actvities
All I need is to print out their actvity booklet and head for the nearest mangrove which is a 10minute walk away

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