Friday, October 21, 2011

Yakult Factory

Yakult Factory in Seremban.
The factory's feature wall was interesting, especially since the boys are into flags lately.
During the briefing, Ean got restless and started taking photos
Another photo by Ean.
We were grouped with Mandarin speaking students that day.
We were given a slide show presentation and a short cartoon on the journey of the Lactobacillus Casei bacteria as it travels through the gut.
Fai got himself a notepad when he answered a question correctly which infuriated Han because he didn't get to answer. These Q&A sessions do get the boys frustrated when they can't get the right answer. I had a hard time cheering Han up after that episode.
They still do not go for any games that are competitive and would rather play games that require teamwork.

Fai sketching his boredom away. Bone dragon (top) and skeleton warrior (bottom)
Icy cold Yakult was distributed and we were shown the proper way to remove the straw.

We got to take a look at the factory through glass walls. The boys were most fascinated by the QC lab technician who was busy pipetting Yakult samples into petri dishes.
They got to see:
  • Yakult bottles popping out of a machine,
  • huge vats where the bacteria was cultured and stored,
  • bottles being labelled, filled and sealed
  • how machines replaced man
  • how idle the man was - all he had to do was look at the bottles whizz by
  • how a pipette was used
  • how agar is used as a medium to grow bacteria. Agar-agar is not just for eating!
  • how useful a conveyor belt is - not just in a sushi bar
  • a huge roll of straw

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