Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gopeng -Earth Camp

photo from Learning Beyond Schooling
We spent the night in a treehouse
photo from Learning Beyond Schooling
The smaller treehouse comes with 2 thin mattresses, 1 light, 1 fan and a tree to hug.
photo from Learning Beyond Schooling
The treehouse up close.
The treehouse was about 8 feet above ground, planks for flooring and walls with gaps big enough for pesky bugs to fly through. Mosquitoes were easily avoided by lighting mosquito coils and some treehouses were lucky enough to have fireflies fly in when the lights were off.
The toilets were fashioned out from water tanks with a hole cut out for the door.
Clean and functional. No complaints from me.
An old derelict building claimed by a Banyan tree
I spent the night getting close and personal with a rubber tree. Tapping scars could be seen on its bark.
Han peeking out.
Luckily it didn't rain heavily or we would have surely gotten soaked.

The kids held secret meetings away from the adults, inspecting each other's treehouse and had a grand time.
More info on Earth Camp here.

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