Thursday, October 20, 2011

MV Logos Hope @ Port Klang

The floating bookshop has docked at Port Klang
It was a long walk to the ship. Lucky for us it was cloudy and windy that morning.
The ship up close. Kids were playing in the playground on the upper deck as we walked pass.
Let's all try to navigate this ship.
Ean came to me and said "The ship's NOT moving!!!" "Why isn't it moving??!"
Sleeping quarters.
Safety simulation exercise
We were ushered into an auditorium
And were entertained by a few of the 45 nationalities on board.
The show was full of suspense...
And had nail-biting moments
Fai volunteered to participate in a race. His task was to run down the aisle, retrieve a life vest, and run back.
The ship sails all over the world and we were given a glimpse of the culture and language of 2 of the many ports it docks at - Mexico and Scotland.

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