Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gopeng - whitewater rafting, playing with fire, henna art

Sungai Kampar - Perfect for whitewater rafting
All aboard!
The lorry that took the group from Earth Camp to Ulu Geroh for the Rafflesia Trail. It was a first for all on board and was very thrilling - especially at steep slopes.

While waiting for the trekkers, the rest of us relaxed by Sungai Kampar.
The boys making sandcastles
Another group with their rafts
Life vests are tricky to put on.
After lunch, JY and Cora started off with water safety tips.
If you fall overboard, stay away from the raft. Kick or push yourself away!
Hang on to my precious equipment. Don't let it float away!
Carrying the raft to the river.
The man with the blue helmet and light blue canoe is the safety marshal that followed them throughout.
JY and Cora body floated down the rapids to a sandy bank around the bend. photo by Amrita
Lie down feet first and let the current carry you away
Catch a rope that is barely visible in the water and haul yourself up.
JY didn't need the rope, all she did was reach out and she was by the bank. The advantage of having long limbs.
How to throw up?
More safety procedure followed
a few more pointers...
And they were off!
After settling in in our respective treehouses, we whiled the time away by the river located next to the Dining Hall. Dinner was a 2 hour wait, so the girls did some Henna art
Han dipped his toes into the cool water
The fathers started a fire to chase the mosquitoes away
Father on left could relive his scouting days.
Cora tried to skip stones.
The fire - mosquito deterrent but attracts children
Multilegged pet from Ulu Geroh

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