Wednesday, October 12, 2011

National Mail Centre (Pos Malaysia)

We were at the National Mail Centre where all the mail in Malaysia gets sorted out before distribution. The visit was made possible because a 7yo inquisitive mind asked her mom what happens when she posts a letter.

Spiral conveyor belt
The centre has been in operation for just a year. It covers 4 acres and has state of the art equipment
The staff were cordial and very informative.
The kids were allowed to stamp a stack of letters.
A mother found the job addictive and was seen happily stamping away when the kids wandered off.
More letters to be sorted. Letters that were of standard size and had the address written in the correct order was easy - just put through a machine that scans the letter and off it goes....
based on the postcode written, letters will end up where it is destined to be
letters for all over Malaysia
Han was fascinated with the sorting machine. It worked so fast!
The screen states 37 403 letters per hour
Letters that were not of standard size were sorted manually
We were given First Day covers as a parting gift. Such generosity from Pos Malaysia.

As we were leaving, sacks of mail were delivered. We didn't get to see many of the machines in operation and were told that a better visit would be at 2pm. A night visit is possible as well.


eddiesherene said...

wow...awesome...guess i missed that ..
hi..i m new to hs...not yet unschool my kids...coz i have no confidence...aileen here...wish to know more...hope to be your frenz

Unschooling Malaysia said...

Hi. Do join the network of Malaysian homeschoolers on Facebook:
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