Sunday, October 9, 2011

Horse Carnival 2011 @ Selangor Turf Club

We managed to catch the opening ceremony at the Horse Carnival.
Acrobatic performance on horses. They were pretty much like Mat Rempits but on horses instead of motorbikes
A band!
A first time watching a live performance by a band for the kids and the second time hearing their national anthem 'Negaraku' being played. They kept asking why everyone had to stand.
Skulls on display.
The horse dentist told us to feel its teeth that were sharp at the edges.
This horse was put down by a shot to its head. We were told it was probably due to a broken leg.
The one and only horse dentist in the country filing down the horse's teeth. Horses in captivity do not have the chance to graze on grass and hence their teeth have the tendency to get sharp at the sides which will eventually cut the sides of their cheek. This will cause the horse to gulp down their food instead of chewing on them and they might end up getting indigestion.
Conclusion: Horses are meant to be wild and free.
Horse's Dental equipment
The pink horse won first prize. Designed and painted by students from my secondary school.
I liked the designs on this horse.
We left after the jumping event and having witnessed rider upon rider trip and fall off their horses, you must have nerves of steel to sit through such a sport.
One competitor fell of her horse when her horse's front legs grazed the bars. She fell on her head, with her head bent towards her chest. She managed to walk out without any aide but she was bleeding from her mouth.

What I found out that day:
  • the boys have no interest in riding ponies.
  • Malaysia has only one horse dental surgeon and no one wants to take his place.
  • Clowns with balloons are very popular with kids.
  • Clowns are not friendly
  • JY likes hot bloods - stout, sturdy, broad horses and the more hair the better. ** Oops! It should be cold bloods. The hot bloods are then lean, mean super fast ones

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Karen Cuppy Cake said...

Maaahhhmeeeeee! Its warmblood, not HOTblood... And, sob, I forgot the name of my fluffy horse, sob.