Sunday, November 28, 2010

More of PD Nov 2010

We finally harvested the clumps of lemongrass growing in the backyard and we had enough to fill 2 big bags. We took them back to PJ and distributed handfuls of lemongrass to our neighbours.
I made lemongrass tea with a few stalks.
Incidently I had lemongrass jelly yesterday and it was refreshing dessert. I shall google a recipe for it one day.

Fai found a flat rock riddled with a few holes. He searched for 3 twigs and said that he had made a clock. JY had taught him to tell time a week back.
Once he had the clock done, he asked
" What's the time Che Che"
JY: 3.20
Fai would then adjust the hands of the clock. He asked for a bit of help to locate where the hour hand should be placed.
2 minutes later
Fai: what's the time?
JY: 3.22
A few minutes later he would ask for the time again. This went on the whole afternoon. JY was unperturbed and answered him patiently each and every time.

JY discovered our bedroom spider as she was helping out in making the beds. Hiding behind the mattress was this beauty. A common wolf spider. It used to live in the bathroom. It had grown a bit from the last time I saw it.
K caught it to let the kids examine it closer and we let the it go in the backyard after a while.

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