Tuesday, November 23, 2010

JY's clay class 21 nov 2010

JY had signed up for a course on polymer clay modelling quite some time back. The good thing about this course is that there is no time limit and she could come as she wished.
Perfect for an unschooling family.
She completed her first orchid project last December and lost interest just after starting on her second flower project.
So after a lapse of half a year, she resumed her clay class but this time on figurines.

body parts

clay rolled out using a pasta machine and embossed with a PVC tablecloth

the figurine draped with 4 pieces of rolled out and embossed clay.

The end product would like something like this. JY says figurine modelling is much more enjoyable. She now insists on going for clay classes st least once a week. I guess the boys will be seeing a lot of Smaland from now on.

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