Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Camping and camp fire

Bought this book at the Big Bad Wolf booksale recently to add to our collection on jungle survival tactics. JY was reading it and entertaining us with the interesting and disgusting bits of information gleaned from the book; such as drinking animal blood (JY went "Eeeew! Who would ever do that??!")

At the beach later that day, Fai started collecting rocks and arranging them in a circle. He asked "Guess what I am doing?"
Me: A fort?
Fai: Wrong! Guess again!
Me: A castle?
Fai:Wrong! Guess again!
Han: A campfire!
Fai: Correct!
Me: Wah! Good guess Eu Han
Fai then started looking for twigs and dried grass and leaves. He placed the dried grass and leaves at the base within the circle rocks and then arranged the twigs in a teepee fashion on the dried leaves and grass.
Fai: Now I need matches
Me: Sorry, I didn't bring any.

I though Fai got the idea from the book but he said "NO!" "It was my own idea!"

I was invited by L to participate in a camp in FRIM. I asked Fai and Han if they were interested and Fai surprisingly said "YES!!!"

Before bedtime, Fai drew a picture of a campsite with 2 men. One man is cooking a sunnyside up egg and the other man is eating scrambled eggs. Spot the 2 fishing rods and 2 buckets of fresh water from the waterfall.
"Very clean water, you know!" says Fai

Next to the campsite is the waterfall. The water will cascade down the rock face into the buckets placed at the base.
Ingenious eh?