Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lumberyard 24 Nov 2010

It was a day reserved for errands in Cheras and nothing could be more satisfying than late breakfast in our favourite Hakka Yong Taufu stall in Peel Road.
Brinjal, okra, bittergourd, foochok, taufupok and taufoo all stuffed with fishpaste and served in delicious fish soup and a bowl of steaming hot rice. A satisfying meal indeed!

Next we headed for the lumberyard in Desa Pandan. We have been planning to build a deck and a climbing frame in PD and we thought a visit to the lumberyard would give us inspiration. And inspired we were!
There were all sorts of hard wood; chengal, merbau, wood from pre-war buildings and KL sentral, telephone poles, door frames.....
The man-in-charge could tell the type of wood from the wood grains. I was impressed. It all looked the same to me.

Han taking care of Ean as they watched the men unloading some boards.

This motorised saw reminded me of the horror show " Chainsaw Massacre"

Han supervising 2 men bundling wood.

The boys were fascinated by a half-dead cockroach as it desperately tried to escape from red ants. Ean tried to catch it but thought otherwise when the cockroach started wriggling.


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Lee said...

Hello there -
just wondering if you have the contact number, name or directions to the desa pandan lumberyard? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog post on google, can i have the contact number, name or directions to the desa pandan lumberyard too? thank you.