Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Perth 2010

It has been a month since Perth and I just realised I have yet to download the photos for the last few days of Perth. So since I have posted the first two days of my stay in Perth I shall post my last 2 days in Perth and leave out the days in between.

We headed back to Fremantle for the third time, this time to have a look at the Fremantle market which opens on weekends.

I will never take my roti canai stall down the road for granted after seeing the price of a humble roti in Perth.

The scene in the marketplace was rather like the set up in Cold Storage or Village Grocer. I was rather disappointed, we spent about 30 minutes to walk through the market.
We headed for the Salvos sale a few streets away and JY stumbled on a 2nd hand Twister set for $3.99 and a few strappy tops for $1.50 each. She was delighted with her finds. Another great buy was a huge Matchbox firetruck left in a dusty corner that caught K's eye. For $3, all it needed was a change of batteries.
It was great going bargain hunting in the 2nd hand shops. Most of the items were in good condition and the outlets ( Salvos, Good Sammies, Anglicare and Vinnies) were in most townships and easy to locate. And best of all, you will never know what you will stumble upon in each store. It felt like going treasure hunting.
King's Park is a must-go in Perth. Beautifully manicured lawns, a variety of wildflowers , big shady trees and great scenery.

wildflowers in bloom
Mosaic of Bangsia wildflowers. Might be incorporating something like this in PD, perhaps one of marine life in PD out of tiles or stones and pebbles.
part of the map in King's Park
Fai on the Elevated Walkway.
We headed back to JL's house for a BBQ dinner.

Mark came with a bouquet of orchids for PL. So thoughtful of him. Kuong came with dessert - Passionfruit cheesecake. The two men must be trying to impress their future father-in-law.

The men tending to dinner.

Kim's lamb ribs grilled to perfection. Gone within minutes. Lip smacking good!

A Bok's potato jackets. Another bestseller.

The portobello mushrooms were flavouful and succulent. Marinated with olive oil, a dash of salt and chopped chives. Lovely!

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