Friday, February 24, 2012

Ving Chun

Han was a fan of Ip Man since he was 3 and would watch the movie daily.

He refused to try out aikido when he turned 4 and when he finally relented when I asked him once again if he would like to start on getting proper training - after a rough and tumble session with his brothers, I grabbed the chance and signed the boys up for a trial class.

I was elated when I found a Ving Chun branch in Seremban - I had to keep to my resolution of restricting all activities to within Seremban -PD - Pengkalan Balak(Melaka)

The class was for Han but Fai was the more serious student. Fai was ready to take instructions, Han got distracted easily and was a handful for the sifu.
So now, after advice from the sifu, Fai is taking up Ving Chun with specific instructions to tutor Han at home.

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