Friday, February 24, 2012

5 weeks to EDD

Books on getting educated on birthing gently.
Bottom 2 books are on loan from a wonderful homeschooling -pro gentle birth mom.
My pink Klinik Kesihatan booklet is on the bottom right. The pink booklet, my identification card, a police report on accidental home birth and marriage certificate is necessary when DH registers baby5's homebirth at JPN.

Birth ball and mat made from natural coconut fibres from the mom that cleared the haze and ignited the homebirth journey for me.
Birth Ball is lovingly used now and will be used during birthing. More on birth ball here.
Birth mat would be an alternative to the birth pool, to kneel or squat on while baby is received.

Now to decide what sort of diapers to get - most probably non-ecofriendly, disposable ones for the first 2 months and move on to washable ones when I get back to PD and fierce sunshine.

I have 5 weeks to go shopping for:
1)an inflatable pool that would fit in a 700sqf apartment but deep enough for water level to reach my armpits. More info on waterbirth here.
2)fishnet to scoop up poo
3)stock up fridge and kitchen with food to feed 4 kids and a hungry lactating mother
4)powdered rosemary to preserve placenta. More on lotus birth here.
5) shower curtain to line floors for quick clean up - I already have a stack of old towels ready to mop up spills and such

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