Saturday, February 25, 2012

National Mail Centre - night excursion

We started our excursion with dinner, a birthday celebration and homeschool t-shirts for the kids

The mail centre was fully operational. We only got to see empty stations when we came in the morning on a previous trip.

Ean was only interested after he saw these boxes on tracks that reminded him of his trains.

The NMC staff provided us with shopping trolleys just in case our kids get tired.

Manual sorting

Machine doing the sorting

Han Koko helping Ean with his stamping

Explaining why certain letters get rejected and sent back to the sender.

Feeding in millions of letters daily

This machine sorts out letters accoording to postcode

Looking for our postcode in PD

More mail being brought in.

We spent 2hours in NMC, walking about its 4acre vicinity. This was one of the most educational visits I have been to. The staff were friendly and informative.

Taking a look at the first day cover that were distributed.

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