Friday, August 26, 2011

Our very last visit to a Bird Park..Ever!

The kids had just stepped into the free-flight aviary and were happily retrieving the capsule of bird feed from the dispenser when a big pelican jumped onto the low wall next to Fai, opened its beak wide and had half of Fai's head in its beak.
It happened in a split second. The bird let go immediately.
It was a terrifying experience and Fai wanted out. He said he would only look at another bird if it were on tv or in a cage And absolutely NO more bird parks.
A day later, Fai made a sketch of a rather gruesome device

Here it is made out of Lego.
When the wheels are rotated, the hammer falls and pelican gets squashed.

A homeschooling parent recounted an incident that he encountered a few years back, also with a pelican. He said a huge pelican with its wings spread out wide, blocked his family's path. As they circled around it, the bird continued to eyeball them. Such a territorial bird.
So visitors to the Bird Park, beware of the pelican!

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