Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beach with the boys

The beach at low tide
Our fire didn't catch and we were out of newspaper. Fai and I figured it was because we needed some dried Casuarina needles as a fire starter, so we walked to another stretch of beach that was lined with Casuarina trees.
When we got back, Han had the fire going. We could hardly believe it.
Han showing how he ignited the fire.
"Flame ON!" while doing his best Human Torch pose.
The first thing he does when he gets to the beach is hunt for suitable sticks for weapons.
Nothing like a fire by the beach.
Ean with his cup of hermit crabs
DH found a marine snails's egg pods that were attached to a scallop shell and had washed ashore.
Roasting sweet corn for a teatime snack
Han showing off his moves and bow technique
This one is his bamboo pole Kungfu
Check out the way he gazes into a pool of water, scoops a palm out and scatters the water around him. I asked him why he did that. He said " That is an offering for my Master!"

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