Friday, August 12, 2011

Grooming KC

Markings on KC.
JY told me that no matter what colour the horse is, after being branded, its hair coat will turn white.
KC could not be ridden that day as one of his horseshoe fell off.
Check out the difference between its two back hooves.
A closer look at the hoof with a missing horseshoe
We walked to KC's stable and found him lazing around.

A groom led KC to the cleaning area and tied him to the post with this interesting loop knot. He later showed JY how to tie it. Rather simple actually but JY said hers resembles a pretzel rather than a chain.
Since KC couldn't be ridden, JY decided to groom him.
Looks like a bad case of dandruff
She started off with this
and moved on to these two brushes.
While getting groomed, KC nibbled on the wooden post.
KC bending down so that JY can reach the top of its head
JY was having a tough time with KC's mane and tail as it was wiry and got tangled as she combed
After asking for help, JY was handed ShowSheen - a hair polish for its mane and tail. Keeps your horse clean for a week.
Spray a little ShowSheen and combing is a breeze
JY untangling the tail. she intends to braid it the next time.

After an hour of grooming, KC is walked back to its stable.


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