Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ice Cream factory visit

Photo by Ean
It was a hot Wednesday afternoon and it cheered the kids up that they were going to an ice cream factory. They couldn't wait to sink their teeth into some chocolaty creamy ice cream.
It was nice to see familiar faces and a group of happy kids playing while waiting for the programme to begin.
This visit was made possible because a homeschooling 7 year old who wanted to visit an ice cream factory, so her mom organised the trip.

DH caught up with 2 homeschooling fathers who were his schoolmates and that got him into inviting them to my parents' farm - an event that had been pending.
I caught up with a hs mom and plans to PD were made. Events such as these are great for future plans :)

We were treated to a presentation on the icy products that were available and the processes in ice cream making.
Fai saw the section on hygiene and was worried that he had to go through the vigorous routine before the factory tour. Luckily we were told that access into the factory was strictly forbidded and he let out a sigh of relief.
A brief look through a glass panel tour and our guide pointing out what she had shown in her video presentation earlier followed.

The kids were eager for the last bit, ice cream sampling.
Little cups of ice cream in 3 flavours - strawberry, chocolate or vanilla were served.
I found it a treat. The ice cream was nice, cold and refreshing.
Han and Ean wolfed down 3 cups each. They must have liked it too.
But JY and Fai thought otherwise.
Fai came up to me and said that the ice cream tasted like fondant.
In the car, JY commented that she tasted nothing but vegetable shortening.

It was my first factory visit that I had to pay for and I expected more. If you are keen on seeing food processing, I would suggest Gardenia or Vitagen or Boh tea factory. All of which are free.

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Anonymous said...

May I know the factory name and contact as I am interested to bring my student group to visit them as well. TQ