Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kebun @ Karak with Homeschoolers

It was a lovely morning as we departed PD. We gave ourselves 2 hours to reach Karak using the Kuala Pilah - Karak way. A route that we had never used before.
We had underestimated the road. It was a very picturesque journey but the hairpin bends along the Temelong stretch was hazardous. However, we were just in time to see durians being collected in Temelong and had a good time sniffing the wonderful aroma...aaaaaah!
We were late by and hour and a half.
Luckily, homeschooling father who had been into the farm a few years back was there to do a headcount.
Pohpoh and Kongkong led the group into their farm.

We were famished when we arrived at Karak and had a bit of kaya toast and butter with good, strong coffee. Thick slabs of Tatura butter between freshly toasted bread with a dollop of kaya. Just heavenly!
Another hs mom, her girls and her father arrived about the same time and followed us in.

We were in time to see a wheelbarrow being pushed out. The other families were already in the thick of the action.
This mangosteen tree just didn't want to grow up and has remained 3feet high for years.
To look for mangosteens, you would have to lift up its leaves and peer underneath. A good tree for the kids to experience harvesting firsthand, as they are the ones who can crawl under and look for ripe purple fruits.
There's nothing like freshly harvested fruits.
Looking for more mangosteens
Durians that had fallen and not picked were eaten by wild boars. Lots of empty husks were spotted under the trees.
While waiting for lunch, the kids played together. We had a sumptuous meal. A big thank you to all.
Washing up after a hearty meal.
Durians waiting to be eaten.
Durian time!
Tom wanted his share too.
Ean got to feed the tilapia.
The nature table with pickings from around the farm.
Looking for rambutans
Using a cutter on a pole is hard work. Spot Fai on the tree.
Lots of teamwork was required.
I, on the other hand, was busy enjoying the fruits of their labor.
Fai still on the tree.
Fai missed Kebun and the moment he alighted from the car, he was all over the dogs and then feeding the fish by the pond, and going around the farm looking for fruits. It looks like I need to spend more time here.
Kebun has been sadly neglected lately, as my parents starting helping out in my brother's banana/watermelon/pumpkin farm. Most of the fruit trees went on strike and didn't fruit. Not a single langsat and yellow rambutan was to be seen. Obviously, the fruit trees feel neglected and need some pampering if we want them to fruit next season.
Picking rambutans that fell to the ground
Singing session. Han and Ean enjoyed it very much. Han and Ean didn't want to step foot outside the house and was happy to stay indoors. Most of the younger kids didn't like the hot sun, the poky grass and curious dogs.
Han looking on as the girls played a hand game

Lost and Found. Bottles washed and air dried. Shirt washed, dried and folded.
Now the tricky part of meeting up with their owners.

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