Thursday, July 5, 2012

Worldwide Cultural Swap

We are participating in a project that requires us to send parcels of stuff that is unique to our country to other familes  around the world.
Our collection from the beach to be packed into parcels for 5 families in our group.

Pressing flowers from the garden with a little help from Han and KISS
Our National Flower was a must
Included in the parcel, besides, shells, corals and pressed flowers, was a RM1 Malaysian flag bought from a bookshop, a bookmark made by weavers from the MahMeri tribe from GeraiOA, Malaysian currency, stamps, AngPao packets, batik cards, keychain from Sarawak, spices (bunga lawang and cinnamon stick) and a bottle of minyak angin.
Our parcels will be heading to Georgia, California, France, South Africa and UK
For more info on this project, click here 


Rachael said...

Now this is my kind of package! I love it when people show their native flora and fauna.
I've shared this post on my facebook page here

Feel free to link up all future posts too on our website.

Big mamma frog said...

Looks great!